Scientex Conferences bring in all sorts of Advancements, Inventions, and Drawbacks in Scientific and Medical traits by presenting and organizing International Conferences to provide a platform to exhibit novel ideologies.
We are glad to welcome you to the “2nd International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders“ planned by Scientex Conferences to be held from May 06-07, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.
                                                                              Theme: Advancement and new findings in Neurology, Brain Disorders, and Psychiatry
Scientex Conference invites all the experts from the corners of the Globe in the field of study, Academies, and Industries to thrive in knowledge via International meets either physically or virtually and sometimes hybrid. We furnish the faultless platform for the Plenary, Keynote, Exhibitor, Research Analysts, Authors, Physicians, Medical Service providers, Academicians, Industrialists, Teaching Professionals, and Students.

Neurology 2023 is up with an excellent opportunity for Neurological experts in the field of Medicine, Industry, Pharma, Surgery, Teaching, and Learning Practices. Neurology 2023 intends to showcase the mania among Epileptologist, Clinical Neurologists, Brain Disorders Specialists, Neuro-Oncologist, Neuro Drug Discovery, Neuro- instrumental Technicians, Brain Disorders Care Providers, Neuro-Psychiatrist, Brain Disorders Practitioners, Neuro-Lecturers, Brain Disorders Scientists, Neuro- specialists, and Young Neuro-scientists. Research Scholars and Physicians from Brain Disorders Universities, Neurology Associations, Research Institutes, medical equipment companies, Neuro Cranial software, and their usages are up to disport in our event. Seam these firm forums to create a partnership with 50+ excellence.
·        Neurologist
·        Psychologist
·        Brain Disorders Specialist
·        Neuro-surgeons
·        Brain Disorders Scientist
·        Neuroscientist
·        Neurology Faculty
·        Neuro-Oncologist
·        Epileptologist
·        Neuro-Psychologist
·        Brain Disorders Lecturers
·        Developmental Neurologist
·        Neuro Pharmacologist
·        Neurology Lecturers
·        Brain Disorders Technicians
·        Neuro Technicians
·        Neuro Mental Healthcare Providers
·        Neuro Muscular Therapist
·        Clinical Neurologist
·        Neuro-Physician
·        Medical Neuro Software System Providers
·        Neurology Research Scholars
·        Neuro and Brain Disorders Association Head
·        Neurology Societies Members
·        Neurology University Chairman
·        Neurological Instrument-making Companies
·        Neuro Industrialist
·        Neuro Business Entrepreneurs
·        Medical and Neuro Research Students
·        Panel Discussion and an exclusive session on Neurology and Brain Disorders
·        Talks by the lively Investigators
·        Keynote Forums by Renowned speakers
·        Plenary sessions
·        Poster and E-Poster Presentation on trending topics
·        Young research Forum’s career development session
·        Post-Doctoral session
·        B2B Meetings
·        The best platform to exhibit the latest novel products in the development of Neurology and Brain Disorders
·        Virtual and video presentations
·        Question and Answer Session