Neurology conference 2023
Franco Viviani

University of Padua, Italy

My name is Franco Viviani and I am very glad to be here because the venue was very good and the place was excellent and the whole Participants in the conference are highly qualified. I appreciate it very much to stay here, and the invitation made me. To better experience it in the future.

Imran Khawaja
Imran Khawaja

Internal Medicine Ayoub Teaching Hospital, UAE

Thank you very much for Scientex Conferences for holding this wonderful conference in Dubai today. It was highly informative and got huge knowledge in this conference and came across so many wonderful people here. I learned a lot from this conference and I will be looking forward to many more conferences in the future. 

Rania Mamdouh Mohamed
Rania Mamdouh Mohamed

Cairo University, Egypt

Hi Scientex Team! I would like to thank you all, dear organizers, for the year enthusiasm in an ethical way from the first moment. Really, we had emails together and I thought about how far you organized, and ethically managed every step until we were here. You are caring about our residency, you are caring about our flight time, you are caring about our attendance I would attend good, relaxed, and any changes you are making, makes whole of us updated. There are no bad surprises. Thank you all for your excellent organization.

Tulika Mehta Agarwal
Tulika Mehta Agarwal

Hamad General Hospital, Qatar

I think the conference was very well organized. The program Manager from US, was constantly in touch with me, guiding me that what’s going to happen and I was also provided with details coordinators here and I am able to get in touch with them. They were very forthcoming. I believe you have a good collection of learned people here speaking about very interesting topics and I think this event is worth attending.

Pavel Novak Neurology 2023
Pavel Novak

Science & Technology Director Storz Medical AG, Switzerland

In general, the conference was interesting and very good organized.  I consider the abstract book with the author’s bibliography which you issued even for the virtual conference part very helpful. Looking forward to future conferences.