Virtual Conference

Maksim Agarkov

Gusevskaya Central Hospital, Russian Federation

Title: Successful cerebral thrombectomy after 50 hours in a young patient with antiphospholipid syndrome


Mechanical thrombectomy (MT) is the standard of treatment for patients with ischemic stroke. One of the main criteria for selecting patients for MT is the time from the onset of the disease. Recent DAWN and DEFUSE 3 studies have extended the time window to 24 hours. However, there is still a dilemma as to which treatment approach is best for patients admitted outside the time frame set by these studies and current guidelines. We present a clinical case of endovascular thromboextraction from the M1 segment of the left CMA in a young 26-year-old patient with suspected antiphospholipid syndrome 50 hours after the onset of symptoms.


Maksim Agarkov defended his doctoral dissertation at the age of 41 at, Russia. He heads the Interventional Radiology Department at  District Hospital Gusev city, Russia. He has more than 40 publications