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Scientex Conferences bring in all sorts of Advancements, Inventions, and Drawbacks in Scientific and Medical traits by presenting and organizing International Conferences to provide a platform to Exhibit novel ideologies.
2nd International Webinar on Neurology and Brain Disorders
MAY 13-14, 2024 | GMT +7
Theme “Advancement and new findings in Neurology, Brain Disorders and Psychiatry
Neurology 2024 offers a Virtual Dais for better accessibility to our International Event. Webinar Presentation comprises the contribution of eminent personalities in the Academy, Business, Association, Society Members, University Professors, Collaborators, Top Scientist, Specialists, and Exhibitors. Virtual Meet includes partaking of Keynote Speakers, Plenary speakers, Young Research Forums, and Delegates.
Contributors from various countries having different designations unite to express the novelties of their research attributes in Neurology, NeuroscienceBrain DisordersPsychiatryNeuromuscular Disease, Computational Neurology and Robotics, Neuro-oncology, Pediatric, and Geriatric Neuro Diseases. Opportunities include Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, E-Poster Presentation, Student Presentation (YRF), Workshop and Exhibitor Participation, and Group Participation.
·        Details of General Neurology, Neuroscience, Neuro-Surgery, Computational Neurology, and Critical Neural 
·        Statistics on the usage of Neuro Stimulators, Software, Automated Machines, and Neuro-Instrumentations
·        Documentation of Successful and Failure trials in Nerve Diagnosis and Treatments
·        Snags and Progress involved in Neuroscience and Neurology Practice
Neurology 2024 Webinar event contains the presence of Neuro Researchers, Neurological Healthcare Professionals, Neuro Physicians, Neuro Surgeons, EpileptologistPsychiatristMental Healthcare Providers, Neuro Instrumental Technicians, Neuro Software and Device Manufacturers, Business Entrepreneurs, Specialist in Neuro-OncologyNeuro-Muscular Disorder, Paediatric Neurology, Neuro-Endocrinology. Participants will get the benefits of a meeting board range of audiences, Therapists, and Associate Members. Young Researchers such as Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers can have career guidance from eminent personalities and University Faculties.


Who can attend?
Academic scientists
Medical field Doctors
Directors of Association and Societies
Neurology Practitioners
Healthcare Doctors
Neuro Teaching Professors
Dietitians and Physicians
Neurology lecturers
Neurology students
Pharmaceutical Industries
Physical and Occupational therapists
Neuro Medical technologists
Directives and Executives of Healthcare services
Industrial Professionals
Neurology Business Entrepreneurs
Medical Students
General Information:
Webinar Name: 2nd International Webinar on Neurology and Brain Disorders
Theme: Advancement and new findings in Neurology, Brain Disorders, and Psychiatry
Date: May 13-14, 2024
Time Zone: GMT+7
Platform: Zoom Meeting Application

• Get an opportunity to meet renowned scholars
• Chances to Interact, & Forge Powerful Professional Relationships
• Access to All Sessions Online
• E-Handbook kit
• E-Certificate Accreditation from the Organizing Committee
• Online publication of Abstract and Biography on our website
This is an international online platform to meet scientists, health care professionals, physicians, occupational therapists, Neuro practitioners, Neuro staff and students, medical technologists, business entrepreneurs, industrial professionals, Neuro care manufacturing companies, and all other specialists in the field of Neurology, Brain Disorders Issues and mental health care medicine to share and exchange ideas with the theme of Advancement and new findings in Neurology, Brain Disorders and Psychiatry.

All the attendees will benefit by reaching a wider range of audiences, meeting health care doctors, Neuroscience researchers, nursing students, neuro practitioners, specialists, and associative members, and also meeting academia and industrialists to get inspired, expand their knowledge, and find solutions to the problems, Knowledge, benchmarking, and networking will be offered at one place in an effective manner, to forge connections and facilitate globalized networking and career guidance for the young research students.