Virtual Conference

Alejandro Ochoa Pimienta

Autonomous University of Nayarit, Mexico

Title: Social skills and their relationship with lifestyle and quality of life


Contemplates in its fundamental purposes that the graduated students are capable of having developed personal and professional competencies that allow them to promote group processes in the labor, social, educational, and clinical areas through the use of scientific knowledge to carry out diagnosis, implementation and psychological intervention from a humanistic perspective. As well as generating actions for recruitment, selection, and training of personnel, developing psychological profiles from different work areas based on analysis of positions and tasks, and formulating performance evaluation programs and the work environment in companies and institutions.And finally, design and implement community programs, group intervention, and psychosocial processes that affect the improvement of the population's mental health. Goldstein (1978) argues that social skills are a set of abilities and capacities that tend to vary depending on people, situations, and context; since this triad becomes a constant of interpersonal contact, so said cycles of contact can favor frequent behavioral and socio-emotional friction that people need to face and, if possible, solve problems of an interpersonal nature. These skills and abilities are applied in basic to advanced and instrumental activities. Consequently, the intention of this work consisted in observing the social competencies that are more developed and, if possible, theoretically linking them with the style and quality of life construct. That is, to establish through solidly studied arguments from the physiological and social perspective how these reliably developed social skills can improve an adequate self-concept and self-confidence with sufficient potential to reduce perceived vulnerability to people, situations, and contexts. And strengthen the capacity for daily coping, which is reflected in a significant reduction of repressive and depressive traits.


·       Doctorate in Humanist Education.
·       Master in Sports Psychology 
·       Master of Humanist Education 
·       Bachelor of General Psychology 
·       Diploma in family orientation.
Teacher / Researcher at the Autonomous University of Nayarit attached to the psychology program.
His research lines that he develops are;
·       Interpersonal relationships
·       social skills in college students and varied groups.
He has written four books 
·       Absence of positive results in UAN athletes 
·       Meeting Saturday
·       Systemic Vision for a better style and quality of life
·       Team Cohesion and Psychological Disposition