Virtual Conference

Anna V. Nikiforova

Neurosurgeon, Russian Federation

Title: Software and hardware platform for real time evaluation of cerebral auto-regulation


Data processing systems for non-invasive evaluation of cerebral autoregulation are time-consuming and take 2–3 hours to collect, convert and process the data. Development of systems of real-time evaluation of cerebral autoregulation seems to be critical to reduce the time of data processing, obtaining results and to monitor its parameters in functional tests and monitoring the treatment of patients in intensive care units. The developed software and hardware platform of real-time non-invasive evaluation of cerebral autoregulation based on continuous recording of the phase shift between the linear blood flow velocity in the arteries at the base of the brain and systemic arterial pressure uses Fourier and wavelet transform in the Mayer wave range. The hardware-software complex was shown to be effective and informative under standardized loads and can be used to real-time diagnose the state of cerebral autoregulation and to study the mechanisms of regulation of cerebral blood flow in healthy volunteers.


Anna V. Nikiforova, CFA, IACCP, joined LKCM in 2013 as the Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining LKCM, Ms. Nikiforova was the Chief Compliance Officer of Corriente Advisors, LLC and the Head of Business Affairs group at Q Investments. She was graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland University College and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University.