Virtual Conference

Murat Talasbayev

City Hospital, Kazakhstan

Title: Surgical treatment of intracerebral hematoma with videoendoscopic system and artemis neuroevacation device


The article presents a clinical case of surgical treatment of intracerebral hematoma managed by using an endoscopic system and the Artemis™ Neuro evacuation device connected to a neuronavigation system. It is known, that despite the progress in the development of minimally invasive techniques, the results of the treatment of intracerebral hemorrhages are associated with a high mortality of patients. The endoscope and suction system for hematoma evacuation demonstrates the safe using of this technique with favorable longterm clinical outcomes. 


Murat Talasbayev is a young neurosurgeon graduated from the National Centre for Neurosurgery based in Astana, Kazakhstan. He has completed refresher courses in Latvia, Israel and Turkey and visited over 15 conferences since 2020. He is an acting head of the neurosurgery department at the City Hospital in Astana. He has 7 publications.